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Cyber criminals attack any one and every one...

Cybersecurity is a complicated topic that can take attention and investment away from Your day-to-day activities and valuable resources of any company. We all are vulnerable to the dangers of cyber hacking and viruses. With ProBonza you can rest easier.


Major companies like Facebook, Dropbox, Tesla and many more have been hacked and so have so many famous people and corporate heads, even after having all the best firewalls and protection teams get hacked. So how can we be left out? We all have got annoying calls, texts and messages, asking for private info, OTPs or some how trying to gain access to our accounts. The Hackers have masive dark web and network spread all over the world thriving on weak passwords and insuffcient cyber protocols being adopted by millions.


We’re here to help and narrow the gap between you and the technical experts with relative ease and user-friendly solutions and resources that make it easier than ever to understand and implement easy steps and protocols one should follow to keep your business and computers/mobile devices systems safe and secure.

We assure you that you will not be standing like Duck in the Muck if you follow our suggestions.*


(*Subject to T&C & Disclaimers*)



Most small and medium business don't even bother to have any Cyber Security measures & Protocols. That's the reason they can be susceptible to cyber crimes and losses. Most Insurance policies may not even cover this kind of loss. ProBonza is a comprehensive Security service provider for you as an indiviudual, Sole Trader, small or medium enterprise. We are here for you. To find a fairly priced packaged for Online protection. 

We bring that to your business to enable you to focus on what matters most: Running your own business efficiently and growing your bottom line(not dodging the next hacker!


Our Managed SECURITY Solutions

With staff shortages and costs stretched, is it hard to find the time and money for Internet Security? Our customised Managed Services Options features many solutions that can help you lighten your team’s load and avoid costly mistakes and unnecessary expenses on systems that have no use .


Our services include the following: 

  • Cyber Security Protection

  • Data Prvacy Solutions

  • ID & Fraud detection

  • Virtual Data Privacy Officer 

  • Help desk support

  • 24/7/365 server monitoring & Testing 

  • Managed cybersecurity

  • Storage Cloud Protection

  • VPN Solutions

  • Investigations into attacks  






If you have received a number of calls and emails from people who call to inform you of some (fake) demands from a Tax authority or a an unusual offer from banks or you have won some prize? That means your number and personal information has been compromised. 


In the current political climate, a cybersecurity Threat Advisory 0015-22 has been issued: “Wiper” Malware Emerges Amid Russia-Ukraine Conflict. Amid the escalating geopolitical conflict between Russia and Ukraine, multiple Ukrainian organizations have fallen to a "wiper” malware operation that damages a system’s master boot record (MBR) and destroys the contents of targeted files. These attacks are ongoing, and organizations without a Ukrainian presence should also be prepared as the situation develops.


Every day there are new threats of malicious Malware and Virus which are implanted on the internet and mobile networks either targeted to individuals or public at large waiting to succumb to the criminals.


Welcome offer for first 100 customers only,get our detailed Complimentary  Cyber Diagnostic Report* of your email Id and website please contact us 



E-commerce/ Banking / General use 

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