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Should we say Pay as You Grow!

Adopting pay-as-you-go cybersecurity enables the agility, responsiveness, scalability, and cost efficiency today’s application-development and deployment cycles require.
Maintaining traditional forms of cybersecurity consumption can mean organizations find themselves over-investing in security and not being able to pivot on a dime when new risks emerge.
Moving to pay-as-you-go cybersecurity is a win-win for both business leaders and the CISO. Both parties are safe in the knowledge that data, business processes, routes to market, intellectual property, and sources of competitive advantage are protected against cyber threats.
Moving to this model affords the business greater digital agility while avoiding over-provisioning, keeping its executives and board members happy. Meanwhile, the model ensures that the organization is completely protected from cyber threats no matter how fast the business’s development. It also prevents the organization from under-provisioning on cybersecurity, keeping the CISO happy.
Discovering and thwarting breaches before they happen – and doing so against a rapidly evolving and increasingly innovative set of bad actors – can become prohibitively expensive and very manpower-dependent. However, pay-as-you-go security enables agility, reduces costs, and can speed up response times (since there is no limit to capacity).
The value of such a consumption model is clearly already working elsewhere, and there is no reason we should not be embracing this same idea for cybersecurity so chose the best options below :

Choose the Best Services and Make your own solution !

MultiFactor Authentication
Access Keys Plus

Monthly Protect Package   (MPP) with Yubikey Series 5 (Includes VPN Access & Cyber health check)   



Modern Endpoint Protection 

File Server Security 

Full Disk Encryption 

Advanced Threat Defense 

Cloud App Protection 

Mail Security 

Detection and Response 

For just $21 per month per terminal you can focus on your business and not worry about getting breached with Yubi key, & Endpoint protection.   

Cynch-Logo - -Full-1920w.png
Cynch Cyber fitness for your small business

We are pleased to offer you The Cynch starter and premium membership through our our associate partner which  is designed to help the smallest of Australian businesses secure their digital livelihoods from the first day they open

We’ll help you understand the actual risk to your business and then help you focus what little time you have towards getting the basics and the more ‘techy’ stuff under control. If you find you need a specific security product, we’ll hook you up with something that' works well and fits your budget and if there’s something urgent you should act on we’ll let you know. Starting at Just $29.00 per month ! Add it to my Cart

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Choose any of the PenTesting Options with our Friendly support

Pay as per  use for AUD 1500 each test, with no commitment to monthly costs for:

Any one

  • Automated Penetration testing

  • Cloud Vulnerability Security

  • External & Internal Vulnerability Network Scanning upto50 assets

  • Ransomeware & Malware Diagnostics/Phishing


Our support team is available every day to make sure that things runs smoothly. We’re here to help to cater to your indidual requests.


Order here for any of the above Tests

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