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When it comes to Close Personal Protection, Body guarding & VIP Security, we can assist you with:

  • Security Planning

  • Customised solutions

  • Discreet, unobtrusive service

  • Professional behaviour

  • Personal Security Solutions

  • Bodyguards on Request

One, we have a number of ways of making you feel safe and secure. We can supply you with the state of the art online and on site Security Solutions and bodyguard services to meet your needs and ensure any close personal protection security issue you may have is properly and promptly addressed.

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Order our select curated personal products just for your safety securty and protection for you, and your loved ones:


Personal Alarm & strobe $55

EASY TO USE, Personal alarm for self-defense, but all so very useful for elderly and children in case all kind of emergency and accidents. What ever it is, with this you will get noticed, just pull the pin and loud 130db sound and flashing strobe light will get you heard.

  1. FLASHING STROBE LIGHT, will be the biggest difference to other alarms. Led light brightness is about 220lm

  2. Very light & HANDY

  • A$ 55


Security Mail with Alerts $129

Protect your mail

     Wireless Mail Delivery Alert !

  • Do you get sensitive or precious mail or products and need to know if something has been delivered to your mail box ?

  • Works 350 to 450 feet depending on obstructions in line of sight.

  • Every thing you need is included.Easy to set up.Has volume control.Is FCC and UL approved

  • Esay to install



Mobile Camera for so many uses and security solutions just AUD 249

  • CAMHD W1 Body Camera has a compact design, the body size is 88.8mmx33mmx12.8mm, and the weight is only 50g. The maximum support 1440P HD recording, the picture quality is clear, you can wear the record when patrolling, giving speeches, and walking the dog

  • With OLED screen & support local playback With 1.9-inch high-brightness display and support to choose different video parameters and recording modes on the M2 body camera. You can also use the M2 to play back historical videos or use a USB to connect to a computer to play back or share videos for more tech spec please email:


Descreet Motion Detector & Monitor $99

  • N· WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS : The wireless weather resistant motion sensor can be used to monitor&protect your outdoor/indoor property. Such as driveway, front porch, gate,pool,garage,shed and etc. Great for home, business,and office.The sensor will work properly at all the seasons. Working temperature range from -30 to 150 degree Fahrenheit.

  • 1/2 MILE LONG WIRELESS TRANSMISSION RANGE : Both the motion sensor and plug-in receiver pick up alarm signals up to 1/2 mile away(actual range will vary depending on the local terrain), it is a great solution even you have a large perimeter or property to monitor. The system adopts improved wireless transmission technology(FSK+FHSS) to avoid the wireless signal interference from other devices.

  • 50-FT WIDE MOTION DETECTION RANGE : The motion sensor will detect moving people or vehicles from 35 feet to 50 feet in front of it. Improved motion detection chip and detection angle to reduce the false alarms from dead leaves/small animals/sunlight/wind/temperature changes and etc. It has 2 adjustable sensitivities( Low=35ft; High=50ft), ideal for driveways, walking paths,yard,garage,gate,pool and anywhere of your outdoor/indoor property you want to be alerted.

  • PLUG&PLAY,SUPER EASY TO INSTALL : Power on the motion sensor by 3pcs AA 1.5V Alkaline batteries(the package does not include the batteries) and plug the receiver into the outlet,here we go. The unit has been programmed before shipped, place the sensors to walls, fence posts, trees, or any other surface,the installation time can be as little as a few minutes.

  • FULLY EXPANDBLE SYSTEM & GUARANTEED 2-YEARS WARRANTY - The unit includes one plug-in receiver and one motion sensor. Expandable up to 32 sensors and unlimited receivers for complete coverage of your outdoor/indoor property. 4 volume levels adjustment and 35 optional melodies. Match different melody with different sensors around your property to differentiate where motion is being detected.


Secured  Mail Box Large with OTP access $299 

A$299 Smart Large MailBox with OTP and Password Smart Lock,App Remotely Generate Code Without Internet,Anti-Theft Design-Secure Parcel Box for Packages,Weatherproof Outdoor Mail Box

  • A safe and secure parcel drop box, this smart post box features an anti-fishing design so that delivered parcels can only be retrieved from the holding compartment using your unique key.

  • [Safe Degisn]A safe and secure parcel drop box, this smart post box features an anti-fishing design so that delivered parcels can only be retrieved from the holding compartment using your unique key. for detailed catalog please call or email:


Wireless Alarm for Car/Mike/Shop door $29

  • Just A $ 29.)) A Bargain for a 113db Security Alarm: Once triggered, super loud voice will be a great deterrence. Not only designed for Bicycle, Motorcycles, can also works with e-bike, scooter, door and window.

  • Waterproof Bicycle Alarm: PC material shell, IP55 waterproof level, can use for outdoor.

  • Easy To Install: Two kinds of install tools, double-sided sticker and straps, with them, alarm can be mounted on bicycle, motorcycle, car or other devices stably and firmly.


Dart Launcher 20 feet $69

DART LAUNCHER This is not a Toy

New Upgraded Ballistic Dart Launcher, Metal Darts Accurate Shooting Within 20ft for Hunting Shooting Camping Self-Defense and Survival, Unique Protection for Adulta not for Children


  • 1 dart launcher: 5.7 x 1.8 x 0.7in, Weight 4.66oz. 10 darts included, Dart Length 4.2in, Weight 0.32oz. 1 waterproof box: 6.1 x3.9 x1.8in, Weight 2.43oz.

  • MATERIAL - The dart launcher and 10 darts are both made of solid 440C Stainless Steel, ensuring excellent strength and corrosion resistance. The launch button can be detached.

  • SHOOTING RANGE - The dart launcher can shoot accurately at 20 FT, but may reach up to 30+ FT. The protective collar acts as a safety and will not fire unless pulled down. The compass on the bottom can help you a lot when you get lost.

  • HOW TO USE - Step1 Load Darts : The protective collar must be pushed up to lock the launch button when loading the darts. Then you can use the ground or any solid surface to install the darts one by one. (Be careful and keep away from you when loading and always point forward.)

  • Step2 Fire Darts : Pull down the protective collar away from buttons. (Note: It is not recommended for minors; do not aim at people when using, because there is a certain degree of danger)

Please note: All prices and availability are subject to change,Delivery costs of $ 15.00 within Australia within 7-10 working days from receipt of confirmed order and payment. GST maybe extra as applicable. Please note  stocks and models vary from time to time, incase some items are out ofstock, we can offer full refund or replace with current model.


Please contact us for any questions or advice or assitance  on choosing  the right products for your needs. or call 0450100199



4G GPS tracker (includes sim card) $99 Only

  •  A versatile GPS tracker for car motorcycle support real-time tracking, work based on existing LTE/GSM/GPRS network and GPS satellites. Access the reports by SMS, App and Internet, which display of location information accurately up to 5-10 meters. GPS vehicle tracker manage alerts and generate custom reports for the information you need. History route playback via our lifetime Web platform or App to track. Sim included .

  • For more details contact us at

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