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We can provide you with a one time package or a simple monthly protection packages start  from just AUD $15 per month per device onwards for a basic protection plan or  more comprehensive packages for small & medium businesses:


  • Antivirus: We recommend and work with several effective Anti virus products and will assist you in changing or updating your variables to increase your protection.

  • VPN : We recommend Proton Or Cyberghost as your VPN service provider , and recommend our users to purchase directly Proton VPN or other VPN services, but mainly to use the service while using Banking and other important online activities.Basic Proton VPN for single user included in our package.Hardware : Where possible, use of Routers and wifi modems with better firewall builtin. We offer an adapter which you can use in office or while travelling as your secure companion.

  • Yubi Key Availabe now/ Nyckel Access control (Coming soon): We offer special Multi step Authentication products for your Laptops/mobile/phones. These are available on our website in a bundle or independently through our partner service providers payable extra as per prices. One key for a single user. For multi units & NFC charges are different

  • Firewalls : Important settings to be enhanced in your existing online accounts to protect and provide security protocols to keep the hackers and undesirable website users to penetrate your life online.

  • Cloud Security : Double authentication and use of cloud services that have strong protection to be used.

  • Data Protection & Back up data: Creating of servers and back up data on a separate Hard drive (portable) to update weekly) or shorter periods to maintain data mirrored and safe. You need to purchase back up storage devices for the purpose.

  • Third party solutions and providers where needed (payable as per service as provided by external provider) for complete diagnostic and repair solutions. These are payable as and when needed and charged separately.

  • Investigation and recovery Partners: We provide our associated partners expertise in investigating and recovery. These are payable extra as per requirements.

  • Ransom are a BIG NO NO..

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  email us your query here

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  email us your query here or Whatsapp on +61450100199

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