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Protect what matters 


ProBonza's extensive range of services is designed to help everyone stay safe. Our cybersecurity solutions offer protection for all, including individuals, small to medium businesses, and the general public as a whole. We are proud members of the Australian Information Security Association and the Small Business Association.

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Small & Medium Enterprise

ProBonza is helping small and medium Australian businesses stay safe online.

Available as one time packages or simple monthly protection plans, our comprehensive packages are making it easier for Australians to receive all the cybersecurity solutions they need.


New laws require every company to comply with new privacy rules and customer Personal Identifieable  Information (PII), with huge fines applicable in case of non compliance, we strongly recommend that you initate and set up your networks to manage your clients PII. This improves customer confidence too!


Probonza's associated specialists can provide the following:

  1. Privacy Risk Analysis

  2. Privacy Training and set up

  3. Governaance and compliances

  4. Virtual Privacy Officer(VPO)


Contact us now for for a Risk Analysis and Privacy compliance


Pay As you Go 
A first in Cyber Security

Should we say Pay as You Grow!

Adopting pay-as-you-go cybersecurity enables the agility, responsiveness, scalability, and cost efficiency today’s application-development and deployment cycles require.
Maintaining traditional forms of cybersecurity consumption can mean organizations find themselves over-investing in security and not being able to pivot on a dime when new risks emerge.
Moving to pay-as-you-go cybersecurity is a win-win for both business leaders and the CISO. Both parties are safe in the knowledge that data, business processes, routes to market, intellectual property, and sources of competitive advantage are protected against cyber threats.

Multi Factor Authentication & Total Security solutions 

 Along with our access solurttions like YubiKey packages, ProBonza offers a vast array of other cybersecurity solutions to protect Australians from online threats. From basic risk and vulnerability assessments to complex military-grade encrypted storage devices, we have everything you'll need to avoid attacks online. Contact us today to learn more about the full list of services we provide, including:

  • Automated Penetration testing

  • Cloud Vulnerability Security

  • External & Internal Vulnerability Scanning

  • Ransomeware & Malware Diagnostics

  • Incident Response Management

  • Compliance Management

  • End Point Security

  • Website Security Scanner

  • API & developer integrations

  • SSL / TLS certificate monitoring

  • Smart Recon & Reporting 

Our new association with Incode

We provide you with the fastest and accurate -ID Verification & Fraud Detection For most businesses, customer experiences involve cumbersome interactions that fail to meet the expectations of omni-channel users. Your customers crave a seamless digital experience that’s flawless across every touchpoint. With our partner Incode, we enable a new generation of highly curated and personalized business services built around identity-centric experiences. Incode’s industry leading Omni platform increases conversion rates and reduces fraud while maintaining strict privacy controls.

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